Taking it With a Grain Of Salt

With a clean slate and the ball in their hands, farm managers Bill and Aaron are making thoughtful, progressive decisions creating a strong future for Just Roots.  What I love about working with the team at Just Roots is the openminded listening towards worker input, regardless of social stature.  As an intern and amateur farmer I felt comfortable both asking questions and making mistakes.  It is an open learning environment.  Each worker a student to the land, all in various stages of education.

Each day spent at Just Roots really helped to further establish my relationship with nature, and the soil from which we reap so much of our food.  In addition to that, my relationship with myself improved tremendously.  There is something about the contact between body and earth having a therapeutic affect on the self.  Everything was taken with a grain of salt, and there is room to laugh at yourself and with others because hey, were all in this together; learning, growing, one day at a time.

One of the most fun days involved some of the least attractive work.  There were a couple hundred pumpkins curing in one of the greenhouses.  They were visited by a ferocious group of rats who took out close to two thirds of the pumpkin population.  Well, let me just say that by the third or fourth day baking in the greenhouse, the decomposition process had rapidly taken over and these pumpkins were now dripping, rotten gas bags.  With pitchforks in hand and a few trash barrels we went to battle.  With our optimism and developed sense of humor we prevailed triumphantly and succeeded the work of the rats.  We had won the battle, but the war was far from over.