Just Roots: Home

Just Roots is a place for the people.  A space to create, learn, and grow within the Franklin County community.  Open to all walks of life, judgements are left at the gate and the intention to progress while working together is brought to the farm.  During my time as an intern I have become engaged in something real.  Since Just Roots is a non-profit community farm, the big picture goes beyond annual revenue.  There is a focus on providing the local community with wholesome organic produce while nourishing other non-profit organizations such as the Western Mass Food Bank, and The Stone Soup Cafe where shrink produce is donated to help provide meals.

Just Roots provided me with a space where I felt comfortable.  Comfortable with the land.  Comfortable with my team.  Comfortable with my self.  This is special, and is felt mutually throughout the golden chain of employees, volunteers, interns, and members of the Community Farm which shares space within the farm.

During my time I learned more about my self, teamwork, and communication than anything else.  I learned about cover cropping, crop rotation, and seasonal timing regarding different plants; but what I took away was a sense of friendship, trust, and accomplishment.  The work was fun because everyone has a voice, and everyone is able to listen.  This to me is not something that can be taught, but rather shown by example with leadership and patience.