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Stone Soup Cafe

My Summer internship at Stone Soup Cafe has been going really well. For those of you who don’t know, Stone Soup Cafe is a community cafe in Greenfield, MA that functions on a pay-what-you-can model, inviting anyone who can afford to make a donation for their meal to do so, and those who cannot afford to are still able to eat. We all eat a as local-as-possible meal that is lovingly prepared by volunteers…together as people.

The meal is made possible by local volunteers, farms, and various vendors who donate their time, efforts, produce, products and love. We thrive as a community without barriers created by economic differences. No one goes hungry. There’s usually live music, as well as an assortment of wellness offerings throughout the year from places like Greenfield Community Acupuncture. Delicious produce and other products are provided by places like Just RootsAtlas FarmFranklin County Community CooperativeKatalyst KombuchaFoster’s Market, and The Barn.

Lovingly prepared, local and organic when possible. Photo: Shannon Dry

I’ve met a lot of amazing people and continue to feel part of a community of incredible people here in Greenfield and Franklin county. It feels great to be a part of an organization that is not only doing wonderful things to fight hunger in our community, but also encouraging and setting examples for communities across the U.S.

Radishes donated by Just Roots in Greenfield. Photo: Shannon Dry

I’ve had the pleasure of doing various activities for the cafe, including working in the kitchen on Saturdays and prepping for the meal throughout the week. I meet weekly with the cafe’s coordinator, Ari Pliskin, to discuss internship goals and projects. I’ve enjoyed writing blog posts, a weekly e-newsletter, and assisting with outreach. I’ve even gotten to experience a leadership role in the kitchen as head chef, which was an awesome experience and something that I never thought that I’d have the courage to do. Stone Soup Cafe is a wonderful, encouraging, and loving environment that I hope all of you will have the pleasure of being a part of in any way that you can. As a volunteer, the next Stone Soup intern, or as a cafe patron at a weekly meal…your presence matters.