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What would I do next time?

I was unable to get anyone to sign up for a CSA this semester. If I was to do this differently I would do things a little differently.

I would be in the lobby more and try setting up in the east building. I would also try to be a little more forward while set up in these locations. I spent a lot of time just sitting back waiting for people to come over to me.

I would also do a lot more class room presentations. I feel that for the class room presentations I did they were very well received, even if no one signed up. They seemed to be able to to reach out to the most people.

I created a survey to better understand why people weren’t signing up but unfortunately I created fairly late in the semester and did not get a chance to really use the information. I found out that the best way people heard about the CSA was from word of mouth so I would go around talking to more people to be able to help more people know about the it. The unfortunate thing is that there is not a large portion of students looking for a CSA mainly because they already have access to local food. Which is great just! ( Just not for this CSA 🙁 )

Good Luck to Enterprise Farm and any future interns that might take this over.