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Faculty instruction requests

Who – Teaching of instruction sessions is shared by GCC Librarians. To schedule an instruction session, contact one of the following librarians or stop by the Library.

What – Information literacy encompasses the ability to know when information is needed, and to locate, retrieve, evaluate, analyze, synthesize, and use that information. All Library instruction sessions are aimed at cultivating information literacy in your students.  Instruction sessions work best when they are directly related to a research assignment.

Where – We can conduct instruction sessions in the Library’s Computer Lab or your classroom. We can work with you to create exercises to be delivered through Blackboard.

When – Instruction sessions take place during your usual class time. When scheduling an instruction session please provide the information requested below at least two weeks in advance, both to give the librarian time to prepare the session, and to improve the likelihood that your desired time slot will be available.

How – To request an instruction session, fill out the form below, or contact one the librarians listed above.