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Things to know about your library

The library should be a friendly, collegial environment that will allow the entire GCC community to learn. This requires library patrons to respect both the physical space and one another.  Please dispose of trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles. This is your library – let’s all take care of it!

The library encourages collaboration and conversation, as that is how some people learn best. We have space that will accommodate this, as well as space that will accommodate those that need silence. However, we do expect all patrons of the library – whether students, staff, faculty, or community members – to adhere to the GCC Standards of Behavior & Code of Conduct ( If another person’s behavior in the library is unacceptable according to these standards, please ask the patron to cease that behavior and if it continues, notify a library staff member.

Quiet study, collaborative learning, library instruction, reference, classes, trainings, and events all take place in the Library.  Because of this, noise levels may vary. To help you find the part of the library that best suits your needs, here are some general guidelines. If you need:

An active, busy space to meet with friends or colleagues or browse magazines:

The service area at the circulation desk is where librarians, staff and faculty converse with students and assist them with locating and using Library resources. Directly in front of the service area are seven quick-use computer stations, as well as a lounge area with the most recent magazines and newspapers. All three library entrances are here. This tends to be a busy and noisier area, with many people coming in and out.

A really, really, absolutely quiet study area:

For no phones, no talking, no typing, and no food, try Group Study Room 300E in the south end of the library. When this space becomes full, other study rooms will be opened for quiet study. Please see a Library staffmember if C300E is full.

A quiet space with minimal noise and distraction:

Try the extreme south end of the library next to 300F. There are study carrels (some with computers) along the windows in that area.

A place for group study and collaboration:

The rooms 300A, B, C, D and F are available on a first come, first served basis.  If there is only one person in a group study room, they may be asked to move or share the space with the group. Some rooms have specialized equipment in which case priority is given to students using that technology.

Comfortable seating, large tables, great views:

Try the “Solarium” at the front end of the Library. This space provides comfortable seating, great views, large tables and a lounge area. Conversation and group study are acceptable in this space.

Lots of computers:

The Library has a computer lab with 23 workstations and is open during library hours.  The lab is sometimes used for library instruction and workshops, during which time it will be unavailable. In the event that the lab is in use, there are other computers available by the circulation desk and in some of the study rooms and study carrels. Students may also check out a laptop if they have a valid driver’s license, government issued ID, or a credit card to leave at the circulation desk.

To talk on your cell phone:

While cell phone use is not prohibited in the Library, we encourage you to set your cell phone to silent or vibrate.  Please limit your cell phone use and be mindful of your voice level.  If you need to have a long personal conversation on the phone, consider moving to a space outside the library.

To listen to music or watch a movie:

This can be done on any library or personal computer but we do ask that you use headphones or a group study room with the door shut.  DVD drives and headphones are available for check out at the circulation desk.

To have a snack or a drink:

Covered drink containers and foods like light snacks, candy and cold foods are acceptable.  Hot, messy, greasy or aromatic foods like pizza or other fast foods should be consumed elsewhere.   Food and drink can pose a risk to library collections, furniture and equipment, so please keep this in mind when eating and drinking.  Help keep your library clean by disposing of your trash in the appropriate receptacle.