GCC grads: Remember where you came from

GCC graduates applaud a student’s address at commencement Sunday
June 7, 2010

For Jennie Lee Bergeron, 26, of Leverett, earning her Associate in Arts degree in liberal arts from Greenfield Community College was a moment that she will never forget because this graduation is the first that she has ever had.

“It’s a little surreal,” Bergeron said. “I am totally thrilled and excited.”

GCC graduates applaud a student’s address at commencement SundayAfter acquiring her General Equivalency Diploma, Bergeron began her studies at GCC seven years ago. Now, with her first college diploma in her hand, she is ready to embark on a new adventure at Mount Holyoke College, where she will study environmental science with a focus on botany and anthropology.

Trying different things in life and staying connected to your professors is the most important advice that Bergeron said she would like to pass on to undergraduates.

During the 47th annual commencement ceremony, Dr. Robert L. Pura, president of the college, told the graduating class that he was proud of the way in which they maintained focus in achieving their goals and deeply appreciated the courage that they demonstrated along the way.

“Each of you came to GCC in search of a better life,” Pura said.

“You handled the stress in a productive way and now have the opportunity to keep those doors to a better life open.”

Sara Ann Laffond, president of the student senate, urged her fellow graduates to take a moment every day to stop and remember where they came from.

“The memories of GCC will live on in my heart forever,” Laffond said. “GCC gave me the drive that I needed to find what I wanted to do with my life.” Gregory C. Vouros, profes­sor of anthropology, who received the Emeritus Award after 34 years of teaching, told the Class of 2010 that he not only sees them as the link to the future but as the hope of the future.

“Knowing how you got here and what you had to do to achieve it is a really remarkable thing,” Vouros said. “Continue to seek excellence and success will follow.”

GCC scholarships and awards

  • Liberal Arts: Joann Wan.
  • Liberal Arts/English: Nicole Crosby.
  • Donald Oberacker Liberal Arts/Science: Mary Ellen Wickum.
  • Accounting: Marilyn Odeh.
  • Criminal Justice: Donald Sadler.
  • Early Childhood Education: Jessica Downey.
  • Engineering Science: Aaron Rubin.
  • Nursing: Margaret Burch and Jennifer Paulin.
  • International Student Scholastic Achievement: Regis Corvee and Anna Popusoi.
  • Student Life Charles Green Award: Christine Cole, Jenn Dedis, Sara Laffond, Seth Richardson, Lydia Simmons, Alysabeth Simon and Brandt Slosser.
  • Student Life Walter M. Taylor Award: Brad Bellville, Fred Bellucci, Lou Hale, Ted Linnell, Dana McGuffey, Frank Peterson, Dave Robert and Tony Torres.

GCC graduates

  • Amherst: Jessenia L. Aquino, Robert J. Beaulieu, Jacob D. Canon, Eric Haffey, Daniel D. Hart, Benjamin S. Hastings, Michelle L. Kellogg, Rachel K. Kingsley, Kyle R. Leith, Ellyana S. Leopold, Sharon M. McIntire, Sheridon Moodley, Abdullah Nizamani, Travis E. Root, Stacey Temple and Joanna Wan.
  • Ashfield: KeiraLee S. Jerrold, Irissa J. Powell and Dylan E. Walker.
  • Athol: Daniel M. DiSalle, Sarah A. Houghton and Angela M. Przymusik.
  • Belchertown: Michelle Marie Choquette, Michelle Cozine, Kaitlin Marie Hubbard and Robyn Laferriere.
  • Bernardston: Heather J. Barton, Amanda J. Deane, Sean T. Fitzpatrick, Maureen C. Gamlin, Shawn Garland, Thomas Herzig, Christopher r. Savinski and Nicole L. Storozuk.
  • Buckland: Sarah G. Blinn
  • Cambridge: Anna L. Boysen.
  • Charlemont: Julie M. Kane, Willow Anne Ross and Amanda M. Tower.
  • Chesterfield: Mariah A. Sylvain and Mary Ellen Wickum.
  • Chicopee: Lee M. Kozikowski and Matthew J. Presto.
  • Colrain: Steven A. Coutu, Karen S. Gangne, Jessica L. Gilbert and James Kimberley.
  • Conway: Jacklyn Barnicle, Shauna E. Mizula, Sarah Noble-Dziura, Jason F. Silverman, Christopher A. Thayer and Christin A. Young.
  • Cummington: Marc W. Driver and Sean McWilliams.
  • Deerfield: Karen M. Asseng, Richard J. DeRouin, Parker S. Mason, Carol S. McShane and Dylan M. Reniszewski.
  • Easthampton: Anita J. Eliason, Stephanie M. Gale, Elizabeth Hildebrandt and Catherine E. McKeown-Kindahl.
  • Erving: Coquette Angelic Collins, Eric J. Duffy, Lauren MacDonald-Rathbun, Sarah A. Samson, Jeanie K. Schermesser and Brandon J. Turner.
  • Florence: Christine Cole, Gabriele C. Karparis and Monty J. Ruff.
  • Gill: Joseph O. Ambo, James A. Isles, Marilyn Odeh and Alexander C. Tufano.
  • Goshen: Dustin M. Culver, Colleen Culver, Kelly A. Loven, Amanda M. Rida, Aaron R. Suddaby.
  • Granby: Leslie Hoffman.
  • Greenfield: Camillo B. Archuleta, Kerry L. Baird, Courtney Basil, Jonathan D. Becklo, Vanessa E. Brewster, Stephen J. Butterfield, John E. Cahill, Haley C. Clough, Joshua E. Conway, Jenny E. Dedis, Katelynn M. Demers, Ashley R. Dennis, Alexander J. Erviti, Isaac G. Freeland, Sara A. Gibson, Fredrick C. Glabach, Megan E. Green, Elizabeth M. Grybko, Mitchell S. Guevin, Catherine M. Hafey, Karen N. Hartwright, Samantha O. Holewa, Misty D. Jacques, Samuel J. Johnson, William S. Kelly, Kendra M. Kuhn, Andrew D. Kurowski, Sara A. Laffond, Karyn W. Lombana, Nathan Luippold, Alexander J. Mahon, Alicia A. Manica, Elijah Marshall, Nadezhda Maydan, Karin E. McDonald, Staci Marie Miner, Regina L. Miranda, Katrina M. Moore, Jennifer J. O’Neill, Karen R. Osborne, Daika A. Padilla, Richard J. Patnode, Jennifer L. Paulin, Michelle N. Payette, Alexander S. Pirozhkov, Anna D. Popusoi, Keith T. Rinaldi, Chris James Robbins, Charles R. Sarkisian, Breanne Scarboro, Josephine S. Smith, Ion Taraburca, April C. Thompson and Paul A. Yager.
  • Hadley: Ann Bronner, Rachel M. Recorder/Paul Franz Crosby, Solomon A. Heifets, Yu-Chun Liao, Gineer M. Salvini, Jillian M. Sicard.
  • Hampden: Marc J. Stiles.
  • Hatfield: Storrs R. Start.
  • Hawley: Gaius B. Slosser.
  • Haydenville: Thomas S. Benjamin, James E. Robinson.
  • Heath: Peregrin John Schwarzer.
  • Holyoke: Stephen A. Boelcskevy, Denisha Patel.
  • Hubbardston: Kari Lake.
  • Huntington: Barre P. Lucas.
  • Leeds: Kristen M. Berniche, Patrick H. Brown and Chenoa S. Malulani.
  • Leverett: Kelly Ann Bado, Jennie L. Bergeron, Jamey B. Kline.
  • Leyden: Robert E. Anson, Clifford C. Spatcher.
  • Longmeadow: Samuel Chase Broder.
  • Ludlow: Eric R. Gove.
  • Millers Falls: Ada T. Caisse.
  • Montague: Max Armen, Julie E. Avery, Patricia L. Dunn-Johnson, Erica S. Hollingsworth, David C. McKinnon.
  • Mount Hermon: Samuel B. Wood.
  • North Amherst: Ryan M. Andreola.
  • North Andover: Jake M. Posner.
  • North Adams: Jane M. Herman.
  • Northampton: Michael R. Dittrich, Eli Miller-Mack, Brandon J. Owen, Eileen Rakouskas, Nicholas J. Vaughan, Tammaira J. Ward, Carmen C. Wiley-Picard, Marian R. Zeiss.
  • Northfield: Lisa M. LaShier, Susan B. Lloyd, Jacob Miller-Mack, Hannah M. Pachalis, Ross D. Peirce, Mary Reeder, Stephen M. Roberto, Aaron L. Rubin, Christopher G. Tower.
  • Orange: Shawn M. LaCroix, Susan Lyman, Timothy Edwin Matthews, Jill M. Richard, Justen Brian Stevenson, Stacy E. Wark.
  • Plainfield: Havelock J. Purseglove.
  • Rowe: Francis J. Evans, John R. Scanlon.
  • South Deerfield: Timothy O. Guy, Donald W. Sadler, Tiffany R. Bargeron, Kiel McAvoy, Michael Henry Chamberlin, Jessica N. Downey, Benjamin C. Harrington.
  • South Hadley: Joseph B. Scott, William J. Selkirk, Amanda M. Wilson.
  • Shelburne Falls: Mark R. Dore, Shannon M. Nichols, Laura A. Sokolosky, Patrick D. Boyd-Owens, Lisa A. Buck, Margaret Burch, Edward N. Cahill II, Cynthia H. Fand, Jessica L. Harrington, Sara L. Kingsbury, James J. MacDougall, Erin M. McCloud, Andrea L. Shea, Rebeccah L. Zukowski, Nicole R. Crosby.
  • Shrewsbury: Polina Alexandrovna Volfovich.
  • Shutesbury: Andrew R. Bussiere, Melissa I. Makepeace-O’Neil.
  • Springfield: Martin A. Nystrom.
  • Sunderland: Alyssa B. Frye, David C. Furlong, Noah Zachary Halpern-McManus, Karen A. Kaminskas, Sarah Park, Nathan C. Richards, Julia H. Sundell-Thomas, Tammy Lee Thompson and William W. Wells.
  • Turners Falls: James P. Brisson, Genadiy N. Bublik, Kathleen M. Camara, Belinda M. Coffey, Nathan Fern, Harrison W. Fox, Candy J. Girard, Jason A. Grimard, Ann S. Kaczenski, Jesse D. Lucas, Tabatha J. Martinelli, Dennis R. Roberts, Margaret D. Sikoski, Fawn M. Snow, Tristan R. Snow Cobb, Benjamin A. Stafford, Ginamarie Wyman.
  • West Chesterfield: Tia M. Batchelder.
  • West Springfield: Marcie E. Lyons.
  • Warwick: Justin N. Gale.
  • Watertown: Kristi H. Edmonston.
  • Whately: Autumn M. McGuffey, Kathryn A. Smith.
  • Westfield: Joel Perkins, Shaun R. Trant.
  • Westminster: Gary M. Flynn.
  • Wilbraham: Rupert A. Daniel.
  • Williamsburg: Cristin L. Kolosewicz, Kevin M. O’Mara.
  • Worcester: Sarah E. Maney, Jennifer L. Skye.
  • Worthington: Torey S. Littlefield.
  • New Hampshire: Amanda M. Rose, Hinsdale; Sarah A. Alex, Keene; Abigail A. Connell, Richmond; Lydia L. Simmons, Westmoreland.
  • Vermont: Katharine O. Andrews, Junio Anthes-Moody, Brittainy E. Gill, all of Brattleboro; Renu D. Ladd, Marcel O. Leclaire, all of Brattleboro; Nicholas J. Paydos, Thetford; Ryan Charles Cutting and Cody R. Kail, Carole M. Mills, Guilford; Kasi Allen, Amanda M. Carrier, all of Jacksonville; Margaret Murray, Newfane; Seth A. Richardson, Shannon L. Weatherup, Vernon; Kyle M. Lapointe, Townshend; Christina A. Chapman, Alysabeth A. Simon, Wilmington.
  • Connecticut: Erin K. Kearney, Durham; Cynthia N. Mike, Somers; Katelyn E. Currie-Huggard, West Granby.
  • International: Regis Corvee, Ile Tudy, France; Chun Ho Cha, Busan, South Korea; Min Ki Kim, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; Seong-Jae Lee, Il-San Ku, South Korea; Ji Yoon Lee, Seoul, South Korea; Sompote Chernthong, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Other: Hans V. Eckhoff, Oakland, Calif.; Katy Ann Olson, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Saiid Modarresfard, Boca Raton, Fla., and Jillian L. Van Iderstine, unknown.

By Erica Soutu – originally published in The Recorder