‘All are welcome, all can learn, all succeed’

June 6, 2011

President of GCC applauds graduates’ courage

Recorder Staff
 , Photos/Peter MacDonald

GREENFIELD — Andrew R. S. Marchev challenged his 274 fellow Greenfield Community College graduates on Sunday to become part of the new leadership of the world.
“What we need today are people familiar with struggle,” Marchev said before receiving a standing ovation. “We are those leaders.”

He described his classmates as the “hardest working group of people” he’d ever worked with and that it was the challenges each of them overcame in order to attend school and graduate — whether it was financial, familial or medical — that made them stronger as individuals.

GCC President Robert Pura said that the completion of the renovations on the campus’ core building and its new accessibility for students and faculty reflects the attitude of accessibility for all those trying to begin or expand their education.

“All are welcome, all can learn, all can succeed,” Pura said.

“I applaud the courage you have demonstrated in the pursuit of a better life for you and your families,” Pura told the graduates.

Retiring Science Safety Officer Ron Smith addressed the students, after removing his black gown, revealing his more familiar lab coat, “to be more recognizable,” he said.

Smith told the crowd stories from his career that demonstrated the intense loyalty that GCC instills in its students, staff and faculty, including himself.

Smith, who also won the distinguished service award, told the students that he was in what would be considered a unique position these days, someone who got their first job out of college and stayed there for almost 40 years.

“Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and take chances,” he said. “And always wear your safety glasses.”


Liberal Arts: Jamie Spencer.

Liberal Arts/English: Seth D. Hoffsommer.

Liberal Arts/Music: Amber Sumner.

Donald Oberacker Liberal Arts/Science: Timothy R. Fullam.

Accounting: Monique Garafano.

Art Department “Medici” Award: Michael Archer, Jennifer Faris, Sila King.

Criminal Justice: Lisa Tinkham Early Childhood Education: Jessica Barnes Engineering Science: Aaron Eric Maxam, Matthew Moretti, Nicholas James LeBeau.

Nursing: Meg Ryan, Peter Truesdell.

International Student Scholastic Achievement Award: Javier Luengo-Garrido.

Peer Tutoring Programs: Isolina L. Bowes, Shawn Billings, Shawn D. Fellows, Michael D. Frank, Andrea M. Hoffman, Dawn E. Hyytinen, Brendan D. Kenny, Vicky Koblinski, Makoa Lively, Javier Luengo-Garrido, Andrew J. Marchev, Matthew P. Moretti, Irina A. Nemchinski, Daniel J. Ouellette, Meg Ryan, Angela Russek, Piyali S. Summer, Joshua J. Whitcomb.

The Walter M. Taylor Award: Diane O’Hearn.

Emeritus Award: Tom Young Yacubian Award: Ron Smith

Graduates by Hometown

Joel A. Cameron, Susan P. G. Denis, Chad T. Erali

Chelsea R. Gamache, Melissa A. James, Kelly M. Kuznik, Evan C. Pollard, Melanie A. Powers, Angela Russek, Kristin M. Seaman, Heather M. Townsley, Sarah L. Walker

Ryan D. Scott, Heather E. Wood

Jessica M. Brochu, Ashley A. Koncal, Danaige M. Tower

Aaron Snow Cusimano, Garrett Grant, Sherry A. Hager, Cassidy R. Hayes, Matthew H. Katz, Michelle E. Scott

Eli D. Ahrensdorf, Mark V. Grillo, Susan Ann McCarthy, Jesse Sobek-Rosnick, Teresa Thurber

Gregory Owen

Luke R. Dejnak, Shelly A. Meier, John D. Whitney

Benjamin Andrew Foster, Erik W. Jones, Bonnie J. Leamy, Kimberly Marie McKay

Barrie G. Cameron, Laura A. Milewski, Tatiana N. Tricolici, Kelsey E. Wall, Amanda R. Wright

Joan M. Aukstikalnis, Chelsea D. Ballard, Scott M. Belanger, Bernadette A. Bernard, Randi J. Blanchard, Nicolas C. Borcy, Amy E. Braman, Hayley Brunell, Molly E. Cahill, Tammy L. Campbell, Jenifer Cash, Jakob T. Conway, Thomas Crossman, Debra A. Cummings, Eric T. DeAngelis, Robert M. Demers, Lori A. Doyle, John J. Duda, Jennifer L. Duquette, Miriam Elghorfi, Lauren M. Ellis, Misha R. Ferrini, Michael D. Frank, Brian E. Frank, Craig W. Gibson, Jolene Gibson, George J. Gioules, Michelle R. Glabach, Kevin R. Glazier, Andrew P. Grimes, Terra M. Hallowell, Malarie R. Hamberg, Kassidy C. Helfant, Timothy I. Hilton, Erik A. Hopewell, Rashonda T. Hosendove, Ellice D. Johnson, Brendan D. Kenny, Chanthy Khom, Lydia M. Kinney, Nichole Jasmine LaCoy, Marina S. Lainez, Amy Laprade, Casey J. Larkin, Emma L. Lucier, Christopher J. Luippold, Fedor F. Lungu, Virginia H. MacKinnon, Melissa B. Mackey, Linda J. Manchester, Leigh A. Markham, James M. Marold, Moira F. Murphy, Michael T. Murphy, Kyle T. Nelson, Bryan R. Noga, Austin S. Ordoyne, Sarah R. Pendriss, Stephen R. Perreault, Christina B. Pretto, Lauren L. Rice, Katie-Lynn R Richardson, Elissa Rose, Anne M. Shannon, Clayton W. Sibley, Sarah E. Smith, Amber R. Sumner, Jade Sumner, Ilie Taraburca, Jonathan T. Walsh, Joshua A. Watson, Annette E. Werner, Scarlett Grace White, Jonathan W. Whiteman, Helen R. Whiteside

Mikel A. Norcross

Beth A. Ferretti, Julie A. Smead

Michael G. Archer, Christiane C. Mulholland, Anna Jeanette Sloan

Douglas Alan Pratt

Samantha J. Brook, Mia Ann Burek, Heather L .Craver, Seth D. Hoffsommer, Samantha K. Saalfrank, Christopher J. Seymour, Lisa A. Tinkham, Jared Woods

Kathleen P. Capuras, Gregory O. Garrison, Noah Goldman, Morgan Hoyle-Combs, Holly M. Jaquins, Jennifer M. Jason, Noel P. Johnson, Shayna E. Langknecht, David C. McKinnon, Kimberly N. Nelson

Sarah J. Lanagan

Kevan F. Bordner, Christopher Boudreau, H. Thomas Burden, Shannon M. Connolly, Andrew T. Craig, Jessica S. Edson, Mark D. Fortier, Sherri M. Haughey, Katie M. Livingstone, Wendy E. Miller, Max J. Newton, Emil T. Pustea, Sarah A. Shearer, Carla Simpson, Peter D. Truesdell, Jessica G. Trumbull, Jonathan A. Whitcomb, Kerry Williams-Briggs

Joy J. Baum, Robert D. Falco-Killoran, Jennifer L. Faris, John E. Lake, Lindsey N. Laughton, Hilary Faith Matilainen, Melissa R. Paige, Jacob Stillwell Powers

Jillian F. Chattin, Abigail R. Lively, Paul McLatchy

Jessica A. Barnes, Caitlin R. Blaney, Jacinta Catherine Hunting, Sila King, Natacha T Newell, Jared Nye, Julian A. Olavegoya, Simeon Paresky, Joanna C. Pasiecnik, Kathleen M. Sullivan, Megan Elizabeth Tolpa, Nessim J. Watson

Shawn R. Billings, Jamieson R. Bishop, Debby M. Dreyer, Heather J. Glista, David F. Hayes, Dawn E. Hyytinen, Rachel Popowich, Raquel G. Roberts, Jamie Spencer, Piyali S. Summer

Caitlin A. Halloran, Amanda M. Koldy, Kekeletso P. Mohasi, Joan M. Simonelli, Christopher N. Verrill

Julie M. Chagnon, Nancy Clarke, William Burgess Crawford, Spencer C. Descavich, Justin P. Dion, Ryan M. Doton, Shawn D. Fellows, Christopher M. Geoffrey, Andrea M. Hoffman, Anna-Bess Montgomery, Matthew P. Moretti, Joshua J. Roberge, Joshua J. Whitcomb

Stuart L. Firth, Christopher G. Rice, Meagan R. Sylvia

Makoa W. Lively, Jeffrey David Manheim, Heather M. Scott