GCC announces President’s List & Dean’s List for Summer 2014

Each semester Greenfield Community College recognizes superlative academic performance. We applaud the success of students who earn these high grades and appreciate sacrifices that are often made by students in order to earn these grades.

For Summer 2014, GCC named 48 students to the President’s List and 31 students to the Dean’s List. To be included on the President’s List student must be matriculated in a program and have: achieved a term GPA of 4.0 at the term’s end; earned at least 12 credits at GCC; earned at least 6 college-level graded credits in the semester or during summer terms I and II combined; no incomplete grades; no grade less than a “C” in the term; and achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 at the end of the term. To be included on the Dean’s List a student must be matriculated in a program and have: achieved a term GPA of at least 3.50 or higher but less than 4.0 at the term’s end; earned at least 12 credits at GCC; earned at least 6 college-level graded credits in the semester or during summer terms I and II combined; no incomplete grades; no grade less than a “C” in the term; and achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 at the end of the term.

President’s List: Nicholas T. Abraham Anthony Michael Adorno Wayne T. Allen Antonio J. Andreas Sharyn A. Artus Joanne E. Baker Nadejda Banari Adam James Bartusewich Peter Belden Stephen Paul Bryant Matthew David Carlton Came Kemper Carlsen Adam S. Cutter Jesse M. Dezenzo Joshua Dickmann Laura L. DiLuzio Tymmothy R. Dore Megan M. Doull Hannah Lei Fitzsimmons Timothy Allen Funk Meaghan Alise Handley Julia M. Horton Christopher John Jacques Christopher Jones Trevor P. Ledoyt Adam Robert Maroney Scott Joseph Mcallister, Sr. William J. McGuirk Jeremy Morris Michelle R. Paulin Richard Pinkman Marissa T. Potter Kyle R. Pouliot Eileen Marie Reardon Gillian Reynolds Alicia L. Richter Nathan T. Rogers Michael Kane Sawicki Ethan Michael Sicard Mark A. Sonier Bethany Lynn Thomas Nicholas Tillman Rebecca J. Uzdavinis Debra Eileen Warner Micah L. Watson Rebecca A. Wolf Holly Zimmerman Serena Zononi

Dean’s List: Clarissa Adan Tylar Lynn Archambault Debbie M. Arlin Bobby G. Bailey Sophie Baskowski Zachary Pierre Beaulieu Petru P. Cioclea Petru Cojocaru Brianna Maureen Cooley Mary Erin Cullen David Alfred Degon, III Melanie Jean Donaldson Page 1 of 2 Summer 2014 President’s List and Dean’s List (continued) Olive Gloman Robert Hayes Benjamin Lesko Frederick Walter Mahar Kirsten Lee Mattson Zoe Mckay Scott J. Miner Jennifer Maire Novak Kelsey O’Brien Julie A. Pearson Kyle Perry Erin Virginia Sawicki Stephen R. Shearer Yevgeniy Y. Stytsenko Michael John Szych, Jr. Jon Ross Thomson Ryland M. Wright Namgyal Yangzom Alejo Torres Zacarias

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GCC Improves Recycling

Greenfield Community College received 50 large recycling bins designed specifically for placement alongside the college’s trash receptacles as part of a national recycling bin grant made possible by Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and The Coca-Cola Foundation.

In its 9th year, the Coca-Cola/KAB Recycling Bin Grant Program is providing nearly 4,500 recycling bins to colleges and universities, nonprofits and local governments. Recipients were chosen by Keep America Beautiful based on criteria including the extent of their need, recycling experience and their ability to sustain the program in the future.

“Greenfield Community College is a national leader amongst community colleges in its sustainability/renewable energy programming,” said GCC President Robert Pura, “so this grant opportunity was a perfect fit to help us expand our existing efforts and reinforce our strong values for a sustainable and healthy planet.”

Pura also expressed appreciation for the Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola Foundations’ focus on reaching out to community colleges. Coca-Cola has expanded its investment in the bin grant program to include a specific focus on two-year community colleges, with 15 recycling bin grants going to two-year colleges and 28 grants going to traditional four-year colleges and universities.

GCC’s recycling program began a decade ago as a volunteer effort by members of the faculty, staff and student communities (now the GCC Green Campus Committee) who sought to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable activities and reduce the college’s contribution to the waste stream. Since the time, the Facilities Department, headed by Director Jeffrey Marques, has incorporated recycling into its work activities, effectively institutionalizing the effort. Although a number of large recycling bins have been purchased over the years and are in use, the cost of reaching the goal of having one recycling bin next to every trash receptacle has not been attainable. This grant leaps the college toward success.

“By providing recycling bins to communities, organizations and universities, we can make a difference in increasing recycling in the U.S. and help overcome a main barrier of recycling – convenience,” said Brenda Pulley, senior vice president, recycling, Keep America Beautiful. “We are truly grateful for Coca-Cola’s continued support and commitment to recycling, and the Recycling Bin Grant Program.”

“Through this program and our more than 50-year partnership with Keep America Beautiful, we are helping to ensure that communities understand the importance of recycling,” said Lori George Billingsley, vice president, community relations, Coca-Cola North America. “Community recycling not only impacts the environment today, but it helps build sustainable communities for the future.”

The Coca-Cola/KAB Recycling Bin Grant Program awards recycling bins directly to recipients and leverages volume buying discounts. Since 2007, the program has placed more than 35,000 recycling bins in over 500 communities across the U.S.

GCC President and REE Professor to testify at Congressional Hearing June 24

On Wednesday, June 18, Congress called Greenfield Community College. Sarah Parker from Representative Peter DeFazio’s office contacted GCC, asking GCC to speak at a hearing on education and American energy jobs being held by the Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources. DeFazio is the Ranking Member on the House Natural Resources Committee, which has jurisdiction over energy, federal lands, oceans and fisheries, and Native American issues. The subcommittee is particularly interested in education and energy jobs and they have heard about GCC’s programs in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency. President Bob Pura and Associate Professor Teresa Jones will attend the American Energy Jobs: Opportunities for Education hearing in Washington, DC on Tuesday, June 24 and Jones will present GCC’s testimony. Jones is the Program Coordinator for GCC’s Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency program. Pura and Jones will also present a 12-page written report.

Commenting on the request, Pura said, “I am so very happy for the faculty, staff, and students of the RE/EE programs that they are being recognized for their good and hard work. The subcommittee is interested in hearing how to link education with the need for a solar energy workforce. Our local economy is strengthened by the green energy sector and both the community and the college value sustainable energy. One of the reasons GCC’s program in renewable energy and energy efficiency is so strong is that it reflects a deeply held value in the community. Our community really understands the importance of sustainable energy systems and how such systems impact the environment and our economic well-being. Testifying at this hearing is an opportunity to impact national policy. The subcommittee has asked exactly the right program to come to the table. It’s a wonderful statement about our college and community as a whole.”

“There is a great deal of opportunity for economic growth, job creation, and job attainment in the sustainable energy field,” said Jones. “There is a huge potential for domestic jobs in the area of energy efficiency upgrades, but people need knowledge and advanced skills to do those jobs. To participate in this rapidly evolving and technological field, people need to have a solid educational background, especially in science. This field is already very different from five years ago, so businesses and workers need to be able to adapt. The key piece for us is figuring out where the best job opportunities are and, what people need to know to succeed in getting those jobs or starting businesses. We look to our business and other community partners to help guide that process. A critical piece is for all interested people to be able to access the education and training they need. We have been able to make GCC’s RE/EE program accessible because of state funding. Our greatest success putting people to work was during a three-year workforce grant (2007-2010) that subsidized participant courses. These three years coincided with the economic downturn. People came to the program to retrain, upgrade their skills, and add skills so they could get or keep their jobs. The outcomes exceeded our expectations in new hires, promotions, wage increases, and broader business impacts. If we can do this during a recession, think of what we can do during brighter economic times.”

“I am extremely proud that GCC has been called on to testify before this subcommittee. Congress and the nation have a great deal to learn from them,” said U.S. Representative Jim McGovern. “Greenfield Community College’s curriculum is providing students with the skills necessary to support the development and deployment of renewable energy technology across the Commonwealth and the country.”

This is the second time in the past two months that GCC has been recognized by national leaders. On May 9, GCC was recognized for its programs in renewable energy by the White House’s Solar Progress Report: Advancing Toward a Clean Energy Future. The Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources learned about GCC’s Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency programs through other sources, not from the White House report. Pura said, “I am particularly pleased that both the White House and Congress have recognized the students, faculty and staff of this fine program.”

Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency (RE/EE) is a term used for a rapidly growing industry tackling the challenge of energy use and its impact in the built and living environment. Renewable Energy refers to energy sources that cannot be depleted such as solar energy to heat water and buildings, and solar, wind and hydropower to make electricity. Energy Efficiency means reducing energy use and minimizing energy waste – a first step in managing energy use wisely. It also encompasses all aspects of high performance buildings, including design, construction and management. GCC’s RE/EE program offers a wide range of courses that provide the knowledge and skills needed for entry level employment opportunities in the growing RE/EE field. The RE/EE program is designed to address the needs of a variety of people and the diversity of students taking the courses creates a dynamic learning environment offering many opportunities for networking. Those already employed in the trades can learn new skills, such as retrofitting for building contractors or photovoltaics for electricians. Other professionals can enhance existing careers by adding energy skills to their toolbox, or transition into new areas of work. Students planning to pursue a higher degree, such as architecture or landscape design, take these courses to prepare for transferring to a larger institution. Interested home or business owners can learn more about do-it-yourself opportunities.

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Practical Nursing Certificates awarded June 20

Greenfield Community College Practical Nursing Program students will be graduating in a special ceremony to be held 4:30 p.m. Friday, June 20, 2014, at the Main Campus, Dining Commons, Greenfield, MA.  This is the twenty-second graduating class of the program which prepares students to become Licensed Practical Nurses.

Many in the class are non-traditional students who have balanced family and work responsibilities to successfully complete the program.  Some are pursuing an opportunity for second careers; others are furthering their education in the nursing profession.

It is the fifteenth year the Practical Nursing Program has been at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  Classes are held at the Medical Center and clinical experiences take place several local hospitals and nursing homes in Hampshire and Hampden Counties.

Graduates have successfully completed a full-time ten month program administered by Greenfield Community College.  They are now eligible to complete a state licensure examination and to attain their goal of becoming licensed practical nurses.

Once licensed, graduates are eligible for nursing positions in long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices and clinics, schools, correctional facilities and psychiatric settings.

The graduation program will include the awarding of certificates, a pinning ceremony, guest speakers and the presentation of awards in academic and clinical excellence.

Dr. Robert L. Pura, President of Greenfield Community College, will give the commencement address and award certificates.  Student speaker is Francisco Santiago.  Commencement  Speaker is Tom Morin, L.P.N.  Class of ’93.

CLASS of 2014

Derek Matthew Apodaca Greenfield
Christine Chamberlin Turners Falls
Elizabeth A. Desmond South Deerfield
Lucas M. Gary Greenfield
Maureen Johnson Erving
Holly Elizabeth McElligott Greenfield
Christina Faith Millett Greenfield
Sheri Potts Greenfield
Sarah Ann Robbins Greenfield
Francisco Javier Santiago Greenfield
Nicole Talbot Deerfield
Dawa Tsering Sunderland
Kelsey E Waldron Bernardston
Kyle Thomas Nelson Holyoke
Hilary Nicole Piquette Granby
Rhonda M. Stefanelli Chicopee
Margaret Kibugi Ludlow
Veronica A. Mayberry Westfield
Claire Mockler Miraglia Ashfield
Mauleverer Murray Leverett
Monica Rumierz Belchertown
Heather M. Pedersen Northampton
Toni L. LaRochelle Amherst
Anne Marie Lisella West Springfield

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Rosenberg secures $9.5 million bond bill for GCC Day Care Center

State Senator Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst), Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate, announced today that he has secured $9.5 million in the Senate’s Capital Bond Bill for the design and construction of a childcare center on the Greenfield Community College campus.

Rosenberg said this proposed center, which would be a state-of-the-art facility designed to achieve maximum environmental efficiency, would be a boon not just to GCC students but also to working-class families across Franklin County, and to the region’s economy as a whole.

“Very often, the lack of quality childcare is an obstacle to lower-income families entering the workforce, or acquiring the necessary education and job training to qualify for a better job,” Rosenberg said. “Franklin County is one of the poorest areas of the state and I firmly believe this childcare center will play a significant role in helping to break the cycle of poverty for many Franklin County families.”

“I commend GCC President Robert Pura and Community Action Executive Director Clare Higgins for their unwavering commitment to this project and I look forward to working with them, the GCC family, and my colleagues in the House to make this center a reality,” Rosenberg added. “A project of this scale will require teamwork and I’m eager to get started.”

“The need for a child care center on GCC’s campus to provide stable, quality care is clear,” said GCC President Robert L. Pura, “and we are very appreciative of the efforts of Senator Rosenberg and his colleagues for recognizing and addressing that need.” He noted that the center will also serve families from throughout the community and will be the “lab school” for GCC’s Education Program students to do their field work.

“Safe, quality, affordable child care is critical to the success of our students who are also parents and our Education Program students and faculty will benefit greatly from having this wonderful facility located here,” Pura added. “Campus-based early education and care programs are intended for the combined functions of early childhood education and college instruction, offering a unique blend of education and training for our Education Program students while also providing high quality educational experiences for young children. Our students and this community deserve that.”

“This would be great for the college, and great for the community,” Higgins said. “This would be a facility built for young children that would help them grow and thrive. It’s just great, great news.”

Rosenberg’s amendment funding the GCC childcare center, co-sponsored with State Senator Benjamin Downing (D-Pittsfield), was not included in the House version of the Capital Bond Bill, so the amount, $9,458,561, will be subject to change when the House-Senate conference committee seeks to reconcile the two versions of the bill.

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