Alexander Ayala-Palacin

For starters, I began at GCC with very limited experience in music.  I was a relative beginner on guitar and had absolutely no experience on the piano.  Eventually, my GCC teachers awarded me a full scholarship to the 2-week intensive program, Jazz in July.  That experience, combined with the many performing experiences GCC gave me both on campus and in the community, kept me challenged and helped me become a better musician in every way.   So if you work hard, show that you are trying, and build relationships with the faculty and students (which almost happens on its own) there are numerous ways the GCC Music Department will reward you.  Your work will get acknowledged and you will grow.

Now I’m going to transfer to UMass in Fall ‘13 as a Spanish Major and Music Minor. When I first started college I wasn’t even close to being ready to audition to study music at a 4-year school like UMass.  After 3 years at GCC, I’ve been accepted and plan to continue my study of music at UMass and beyond.  I never would have thought it possible, but now I can say it is.

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