Dan Lederer

I initially took the Music and World and Cultures class for two reasons: One, because I have never had any formal instruction in anything related to the various ethnic music that I listen to and enjoy; and second, because I had heard so many fabulous things about the course and the teacher.  From the first class, it was apparent that the quality and substance of the content was going to be much more rich than I had even expected.  I had no idea what an ethnomusicologist was, much less that the course was being taught by one!  I found myself transported into stories and deep personal experiences from the field.  It’s been completely contagious for me.  To be honest, I’ve become a bit obsessed. I think from the mindset of an enthnomusicologist daily.  I hear music differently and I think about people and their life experiences differently.  To do something with this overload of enthusiasm, I started an “Enthnomusicology Lite” club at the high school I work at, and my kids are on fire.  The World Music and Cultures course has been life changing, and I’m truly grateful for the authentic growth that I’m experiencing through the GCC Music Department.

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