Nathan Weigang

I’m 21 and have been playing classical Trombone for about ten years.  I’ve been trying to pursue a degree in Music Education for nearly four years now. I had taken classes at a couple of other colleges and was at the end of my rope when I came to GCC. I originally came to the college last fall to take mostly non-music classes.  After that first semester I missed the daily dose of music so much that I contacted Matthew Shippee about taking some music classes this spring. He was fantastic and despite my procrastination was helpful getting me into a great set of courses.  Over this semester I’ve gotten to know the Music Department and those associated with it. I have grown to realize how lucky I am to be here. The GCC Music Department takes a unique view of music education, melding the traditional focus on Theory and technique with the seldom talked about creative aspects of making music.  The result is an amazingly well rounded look into what music has to offer for both school and life. In addition to the great courses I’ve taken (and want to take), joining the department has brought me into an incredible community. The teachers are always friendly and happy to help you make sure you get the education you both want and need. I always feel comfortable walking into our little corner of the building whether I need deep life advice or are just looking for someone to chat with for hours about how cool music can be. I am so thankful to have found such a hidden gem when I wasn’t even looking.

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