Will Byler

GCC has been a great place for me to study music.  Along with having access to really nice practice rooms and facilities (MUCH nicer than other colleges I know of), I think the one thing I appreciate most about the GCC Music Department is the small and intimate community feel of the place.   It’s a friendly and open-minded environment where both music and people are valued.   That community atmosphere has given me countless opportunities to collaborate with peers on jam sessions, recitals, concerts on campus, etc.  It’s also been a cool learning experience to have such a unique blend of creative expression oriented music courses with the usual fundamental nuts and bolts kind of music study.  For me, those are both important and they came together in the unique collaboration of the recital process every semester, something I’ve loved every time.   The recital process epitomizes community learning because it made me a much better player and performer through a challenging but supportive atmosphere of teacher and peer critique.

Studying music at GCC has been the first time in my life I’ve ever felt like a really good student.  My music teachers have helped me learn to match my passion for music with discipline in practicing and getting my school assignments done.  When I started here I was inexperienced, a beginner on bass, and didn’t know anything about music theory.  I wouldn’t have been ready to study music at a 4-year school anywhere.  Now I’m succeeding at all my classes- in music and all the liberal arts- and I am confident that I will be fully prepared to audition and transfer to a four-year music school next year. It’s hard to imagine that any other music department anywhere could have been such a good match for me and provided as much life-changing experience for me.

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