Semester’s end already

It’s hard to believe that the semester has ended already.  After a grueling three days of practical and conceptual assessments, the students concluded the semester with an overview of what is to come when they start again in January.  The students are looking forward to moving into the instructor training/certification courses coming up.  Having already completed their Wilderness First Responder and Leave No Trace Trainer certifications they now select from Nordic skiing, rock climbing, white water canoeing, white water kayaking, coastal sea kayaking, and challenge course national instructor certification courses.  Additionally, they are offered an Avalanche I and winter mountaineering course and will be taking a 10 day back country skiing expedition. The OLP calendar is set up for students to be able to take all of the course work and certification exams.  Some do, but others find that they need to concentrate their efforts on fewer offerings.  It is a busy season.  I wish them the best of luck.