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On behalf of the staff and faculty at Greenfield Community College, welcome!  We are excited to welcome you to the GCC community and aid in ensuring you a smooth transition. We hope you end this online orientation with an awareness of the breadth of services available to you. We also hope you leave today with a confidence that we are a college dedicated to helping you thrive—and that this is a place where you will be successful.

We trust that you will find GCC to be a welcoming, caring and supportive environment in which to learn. Our size and our faculty and staff’s strong commitment to teaching make this a very special place.  If you are feeling any anxiety about beginning this journey, don’t worry- that is normal.  It is important that you know you are not alone. You will have peers, professors, staff and administrators supporting you through each step of this journey. We encourage you to reach out for help and communicate your needs because ultimately your success at GCC is up to you. If you do find yourself struggling, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We also encourage you to check out our GCC webpage where you can find additional information and resources.  To aid in your continued success the college offers programs throughout your time at GCC that are designed for your continued growth and support. Please check the GCC calendar online, your student email and watch for flyers around campus regarding these programs.

We are so happy to have you joining us! Enjoy the following video of current students talking about why they chose GCC!

Take care,

The Orientation Team


Pre-register for online orientation

If you’d like to participate in Online Orientation, please pre-register. Login instructions and further details will be emailed to you in mid-August.

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