Welcome to the Permaculture Student Forum

I think we need a major change!  I think we need a major change soon because the world we live in faces some serious difficulties. Questions arise: how will we feed ourselves in a world of decreasing energy supply? How will we work together to secure our communities? How will we share more in an economy that is sufferring and faces serious challenges?

The problems we face are stark: agribusiness is not working. Big government is not working. Corporations are not working. Relying on unsustainable practices to sustain us…not working! So many things we do are not working to our own best interests and highest goals. And I think if we don’t focus our time and energy on healing our land and our communities and our practices as a culture, we’re in big trouble. And I’m not alone. Many are joining together now around the town, the county, the state, the country, the planet. Everywhere!

And I have some good news. The changes of a movement that seeks to restore balance to the earth are working…the changes we’re making are bringing us together to create fun, beauty, laughter, tears, connection, good healthy food, community, nature connection, and on and on. It’s really really working. We’re gathering out on the land and working together to create beautiful gardens. We take our onions and tomatoes and garlic and make rich and creamy sauces poured over a bowl of noodles (rice noodles if you’re gluten free), and we share these dishes in the warmth of our apartments and houses and yards. And we’re sharing skills: my friends are teaching me how to listen to their pains and dance with them once we release them. My elder Hank teaches me how to tell a story fireside with as few words, and as many powerful images as possible. So many men in my life are teaching me how to be accountable and responsible and to set measurable goals and work hard for them. Walker and Becca and Jannie are teaching me to be a healthy member of a community with a shared vision. Mr. Botkin taught me how to mulch like with straw like the stuff is falling from the sky…mulch mulch mulch! “They say tillage is an endless struggle,” right Danny?

It’s community, and it’s working. It’s organic gardening, and it’s working. It’s skillsharing, and it’s working! It’s permaculture design and it’s working.

And there is something we’re doing here at GCC that is so fun, and so exciting, and so healing, and so amazing, I believe you need to hear about. It’s called the Permaculture Forum: Agr. 240. Who are we? In the fall of 2011 (last fall) a group of 23 students studied the Greenfield Food System   The ultimate question remained what is the single most powerful project we could take on, what project would just totally rock the community and the world? A permacutlture garden at GCC. It has everything: people will get dirty and learn the how to’s of sustainable gardening, people who will come to see it will get dirty and get community! More to come…


One thought on “Welcome to the Permaculture Student Forum

  1. Heya! Excellent post! I’m currently on a mission to get the word out about the upcoming Northeast Permaculture Convergence! It’s the 8th Annual, and this year it was chosen to be held in the Boston area. It’s a weekend long event, camping on site available, where permaculturists in the New England area can come together and meet, share ideas, learn new things, and most importantly meet other permies! For more info: http://northeastconvergence.wordpress.com/

    Thanks so much!