Final presentations are finally here!


Greetings and blessings during this wonderful time of spring and fresh growth!
We, the students of Greenfield Community College’s Permaculture Student Forum, are glad to announce the upcoming presentation of our final designs for the proposed permaculture gardens on campus. Please join us and other students, faculty, staff, and the local community on May 15th from 1-2 p.m. at GCC’s Multi Purpose Room (C208) in celebration of our incredible vision. The event will be a very rich offering towards a stable and secure local food system.
permaculture presentations
For those who were able to come to the charette (the community brainstorming session), this is a chance to re-connect with the amazing process of co-created vision that you began with us. This is also a chance to celebrate and support the opportunity for great change as we move forward in our efforts to implement and display healthy land practices in our community.
For those of you who are new to our process, this is a chance to become informed and get inspired by and involved in something truly groundbreaking: the proposed transformation of the GCC landscape and how the community interacts with it. This will be fun, educational, and inspiring. It will also connect you to so many more opportunities to come…
See you there!
The Students of AGR 240
Permaculture is a vision, a global network, and a design system. Practitioners observe patterns found in nature, and then mimic these beneficial relationships in the design of systems that meet human needs and simultaneously regenerate the land.

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