Final Presentations: “In 31 years I have never seen anything like this”

Well, I’d say we pretty much rocked it. To a group of around 50 people (students, local leaders, administration, faculty, family, friends, a video camera–you can watch the presentations soon) we delivered our final designs for the Greenfield Community College landscape. And the response was tremendous. Teresa jones, faculty member and advocate for gardens on campus was so thrilled she said: “Oh, my god, that was amazing!” Abrah Dresdale: “Unprecedented!” Apparently, Peter Rosnick, dean of the Liberal Arts program, dropped his jaw in amazement–I can not confrim or deny the dropping of the jaw. Linda Cavanaugh, chair of the math department, announced that she might have to delay retirement after 31 (?) years of service so that she could stay to watch and participate in this transformation. Looks like you’ll have to put those post-retirement plans on hold, Linda, ’cause we’re focused and energized. Go GCC Permaculture!

Stay tuned for a link to the video and an email that includes final designs and a garden overview packet…

Lastly, the garden outside the greenhouse is now covered with compaction busting grass…a step towards our potential garden? Me thinks it could be…send your prayers for the health of the site please.

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