The GCC Permaculture Garden is Thriving!

Although we’ve had a rainy start to our Summer in the GCC Permaculture Garden, the garden is thriving! We’ve recently added local Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, and Parsley that we snagged from the Greenfield Farmer’s Market, courtesy of the GCC Dining Commons!  The Dining Commons is also proudly serving greens harvested from the permaculture garden.

Harvested from the GCC Permaculture Garden
Lettuce being harvested for GCC Dining Commons

Carol Michelfelder with the day's harvest. Photo:Shannon Dry

Four GCC interns are helping out in the garden this Summer: Carol Michelfelder, Alex Spring, Jon Shina, and Shannon Dry. They are very happy to spend a few mornings a week with the garden.

Waiting to be harvested!

The garden isn't just thriving with plants, either. Lots of benficial critters have made their home in the garden as well. The mushroom logs are also settling in nicely. Hopefully within the next year we'll have shitake and white oyster mushrooms to share.Photo:Jon Shina

We hope you’re having a great Summer and that we’ll see you in the GCC Permaculture Garden soon!



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