Edible Berries! Mushroom Logs! Beneficial Creatures!

The Juneberries, they are a bloomin’! So are currants, blueberries, and many other things over at the GCC Permaculture Garden!

Juneberries! Photo:Shannon Dry

Edible plants aren’t the only species thriving in the garden-many beneficial critters have also made the garden their home.

Earthworm! Photo:Shannon Dry

The Mushroom Logs are also settling in. Hopefully in a year or so we’ll have Shitake and White Oyster Mushrooms to share!

Mushroom Logs! Photo:Jon Shina

The culinary and tea garden is also thriving. Beebalm! Chocolate Mint! Walking Onion! It’s all just so lovely! Stop by and take a look!

Photo:Shannon Dry

Photo:Shannon Dry

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