Goldenrod Honey!

Let’s talk about Goldenrod for a second. You’ve seen it in meadows and pastures, growing on roadsides, along bike paths, and it’s even growing in the GCC Permaculture Garden. It’s everywhere! Did you know that you can EASILY infuse honey with it, making for an amazing and delicious medicinal that can help with allergies?

Goldenrod! Photo: Shannon Dry

Goldenrod has many uses. The seeds of some species were used by Native Americans for food, and the flowers also make a great tea. The flowers are also great sources of nectar for bees and butterflies. The leaves also contain a small amount of rubber that Thomas Edison once experimented with! In herbal medicine, goldenrod is used as a kidney tonic. Sore throats are said to be relieved by chewing the leaves, and toothaches relieved by chewing the roots. Goldenrod is great for late seasonal allergies!

Goldenrod Honey! Photo: Shannon Dry

Recipe: Goldenrod infused honey is not difficult to make. First, you will need a clean jar with a lid. Take the goldenrod that you’ve collected, and snip the flowers off with a pair of scissors, directly into a jar or bowl. I chose to use a bowl so that I could pick through it and remove any clumps of debris or, gasp, goldenrod spiders! Once you have a good amount of flowers packed in the jar, then you can pour honey over the top of it. If your honey is too thick or hardened to pour, you can heat it slightly in a pot of hot water. Be careful not to heat it too much or you will destroy beneficial enzymes. Be sure to cover the goldenrod in honey when pouring into the jar. Stir it lightly and remove any air pockets, and cover with your lid. The next day, give it another good stir and put the lid back on. After a few weeks, you can drain through a sieve, removing the goldenrod, or simply enjoy it with the goldenrod flowers still in the honey. It will last up to one year. Store it away from sunlight. Add it to teas or have it on your favorite baked good or by the spoonful.

The finished product. Photo: Shannon Dry

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