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Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies

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PSJ 101 students poem: Peace Is….

Posted on Tuesday December 11th 2012


In a peaceful world you will feel the heartbeats of the other 7 billion people who live with you.

We all have the same goal,

A presence, rather than an absence.

A world of peace is a world of neighbors, friends, allies.

We envision a place where ego takes a back seat.

A place where all of our energy comes from renewable sources, where the forests have been restored, where soils are healthy and not contaminated.

We borrow from Mother Earth only those things we can return.

We envision the world to be without poverty, hunger or violence. To be without greed and power struggles.

A positive attitude towards yourself and others can influence a strong dynamic towards peaceful change.

A world of extremists who know only love for one another. A love that is unremarkable and intimate.

The nature of Man is change but if better natures bring better suns then perhaps our sons will strive for better.

Imagine, dream, hope and pray…..but don’t let that stop you from trying today.

With love and compassion:

Alex, Andrew, Brandon, Darien, Tanya, Shyla, Justin, Julia, Megan, Abbie

December 11, 2012




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