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Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies

Greenfield Community College

Peace Leadership Training with Capt. Paul Chappell: October 11-12, 2013 @ UMass

Posted on Friday September 13th 2013

Why this workshop? Because Peace Skills Are Life Skills 

This workshop is designed for students and young adults who want to facilitate change in this world by develop-ing the skills necessary to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, build strong grassroots movements, be an effective member of an organization, and to help organize communities in order to further the causes of peace & justice. And, equally important, these are skills that will help you in everyday life!

FULL Student Scholarships Available 

high school, college, international and recent grads 

*Please inquire* 

The cost to attend the 2-day workshop or sponsor a student is $95. 

We want to ensure that all students have fair access to this vital training. 

The future depends on our youth. This is an amazing opportunity for young people to be trained by one of the world’s leading authorities on peace and leadership. Paul Chappell offers vital insight and practical strategies for waging peace and creating effective, sustainable change. 

Please contact Mary McCarthy, at or call Abbie Jenks, MSW, Program Advisor of the Peace, Justice & Environmental Program at Greenfield Community College at 413-775-1127 

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