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Roots of Peace speaker: Fr. Ismael Moreno from Honduras: 12:30-2 @C208 on October 17, 2013

Posted on Friday September 13th 2013

Witness for Peace has secured Fr. Ismael Moreno, known popularly as “Padre Melo”, from Honduras!
Since the June 28, 2009 military coup in Honduras, Padre Melo has been one of the most visible human rights defender, promoting human dignity and respect for life, critical reflection, independent analysis and commitment to nonviolence. He has struggled to uphold fundamental rights for the freedom of expression in the context of Honduran government efforts to limit the free flow of information, including the military shut down of Radio Progreso, where Padre Melo works, around the time of the coup. According to the U.S. State Department, since January 2010, nine journalists have been killed in Honduras and several more have been tortured, kidnapped and suffered death threats. Despite ongoing threats, Padre Melo continues to offer grassroots radio programming about human rights and community organizing in the post-coup Honduras resistance movement. Padre Melo will speak of the human rights abuses occurring throughout Honduran society, and especially within his own journalistic world, and within the compesino and indigenous communities with whom he works closely. He will offer an in-depth analysis into the systemic reasons for the continuing violence, impunity, and injustices, widening the analysis to an understanding of the impacts of The Drug War. We are thrilled to be bringing him and his important message to New England.

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