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Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies

Greenfield Community College

Wally and Juanita Nelson Scholarship

Greenfield Community College and the GCC Peace Education Center Advisory Committee (formerly the GCC Response Initiative) are pleased to announce the establishment of the Wally and Juanita Nelson Scholarship Fund. The scholarship was established to support and encourage study in the field(s) of peace, social justice studies and the environment. The award will be made to any student whose goals and intentions are to work for peace and social justice in the world, whose academic competencies are above average, and whose commitment to peace and social justice extends beyond the college experience.

Wally, who passed away in 2002, and Juanita spent their lives working to create a better world. Bringing with them a long history of civil rights activism, the couple moved to Woolman Hill in Deerfield in 1974 and became thriving and active members of the local community. Dedicated to war tax resistance and believing in working for peace and living simply, they helped found the Valley Community Land Trust in Franklin County, the Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters and the Greenfield Farmers Market. More recently, Juanita has been involved in the Winter Farmers Market. Living simply without things that most of us take for granted, like electricity and indoor plumbing, the Nelson’s exemplified their ideals. They have both had a tremendous impact on people and have shown how one can live with integrity and courage.

Greenfield Community College first offered an Associate Degree in Peace and Social Justice Studies in  2006. As of Fall, 2010, the option is now Peace, Justice and Environmental Studies. Students learn to become responsible, caring citizens of the world and the earth, develop global thinking and respect for diversity, and the rights of all forms of life. They learn to recognize social injustice, its contributing factors and the actions necessary to bring about justice. Personal growth is fostered that allows the student to respond to conflict in a nonviolent manner.

We are asking for your support in the belief that their work should be carried forward. This scholarship will help students tremendously in their efforts to find a career for the greater good. Lives will be transformed and the world will be a better place. If you would like to support this scholarship, please contact Allen Davis, Director of Annual Giving, GCC Foundation, at 413-775-1601 or

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