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Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies

Greenfield Community College

Why choose our program?

Why choose Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies?

Are you interested in issues of social justice, human rights, sustainability and peace, but don’t know where to start? GCC’s groundbreaking PEACE, JUSTICE and ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES LIBERAL ARTS OPTION may be the perfect fit!

This degree option offers students an opportunity to understand the relationship between social justice, peace, environmentalism and culture. The program provides a focus for students interested in peace studies, social justice and sustainability issues within the framework of the traditional skills and content of a liberal arts education. Upon completion of the program, you may transfer to a baccalaureate degree institution to study any liberal arts discipline, peace and/or social justice studies, or other related fields.

GCC offers the advantages of smaller classes, lower cost, individualized attention, part-time employment, and free tutorial and instructional help. The program has a strong advisement process and more faculty-student interaction than is found at many other institutions. And most importantly, GCC is one of only a handful of peace and environmental studies programs in community colleges in the United States! Consider studying with us to become involved with the local, regional and global issues that affect us today.

Find your voice and learn new ways for resolving conflicts, understanding differences and creating a sustainable world!

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