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The truth I want now
It will set me free I know
It is so close, hey!

Adam had it lucky
I would give all my ribs
for one girlfriend

Her stomach’s empty
she cannot throw up on you
patronizing her

Who understands?
Transfer pathways on the way
Student clarity!

I am a vegan
This is harder than I thought
I want McDonald’s

The semester’s halfway done
four papers are due
I hope I don’t lose my mind

“Dog” was his first word.
His father hoped for “da-da.”
The dog wagged his tail.

I make a joke here
You laugh like it’s funny
Now this is awkward

It happens slowly
The room turns pale, sickly green
And I hit the ground

Click, tac, clickety
Boldly black thoughts run along
Mind starkly revealed

Any poem like this
That continues on like this
Is haiku, bitches

Rest is for the dead
Many college students have
said, need more coffee

Wake up! Breathe deep breaths
The terror of night subsides
I am alive, I’m okay

Ants build pyramids
Godless monuments divine
Crop circles, death threats

Chunk silver square
Encasing slim bright yellow
Measures Grandpa’s world

You stinking head lice.
I washed, oiled, cursed, and hand picked.
Find another home!

identities- this shit’s hard
Maybe it’s a sine

invisible me
gave a desperate smile to
melancholy you

too many emails
fill up my inbox like trash
collecting in piles

a fall day calls ways
of growing, and knowing, all
please please, thank the leaves

Snowy garden
like a crystal fairyland
protecting mouse

3am empty
clouds chase orange city sky
spin down yellow lines

Caught through dense vapors
shattered into sky’s stained glass
pure variety

I look at this house
When did we change this?
Home, it is not

I feel cray ze
Stressed to the max of the max-max
So happy the end

This is a plum bowl
This is a bowl full of plums
Plum plum plum plum plum

Red Sox gone till spring.
In Fenway’s gloomy tunnels
bats hang upside down.

I would have stayed there
laying beneath trees entwined
biting back our fears.

Minifridge seltzer
Cracked with a late summer leaf
red under my shoe

I love dogs a lot
But not as much as puppies
Cats are okay too

she once collected
moth bodies too beautiful
to let disappear

So what if it hurts?
Pull the wool over your eyes
become an ostrich.

So what if it hurts?
Pull the wool over your eyes
become an ostrich.

Back East now, sober
Knowing WELLNESS is the way
But convention thwarts

yesterday it rained
worms committed suicide
on the wet sidewalk

It happens slowly
The room turns pale, sickly green
And I hit the ground

I lost my head that
night you left the sink running,
you still had my heart.

you just wake up early
just realized that today is halloween day
please put on your costume

It’s okay William
I don’t love plums
As much as I love you

Haikus are real hard
Think of seven syllables
Just try really hard

The harrier preens
swoops back to the canopy-
Summer’s first orange

Lonely Tylenol
only friend’s an expired
Excedrin PM

legless lizards run
on tiny hind legs, torsos
quiver like laughter

Lacy purple mums
Crowded dwellers in blue clay
Autumnal heralds.

Blue hydrangea – dried
Nature’s denim in flower
Summer memories

Words soon to exist
Pictures waiting to be drawn
Swishing in a stick

I’m at GCC
I’m a man in my mid 50’s
Why am I here?

I want a break from
all these fucking ads right now
“Fuck your chicken strips!”

Pear orange apple plum
I am Hungry get me some

America dead
It is a new country now
We soon will perish

The rain mists across my face.
My Afro is wet.
Water drips down my tight curls.

My pores are held here
by roots and salty air
soft dirt and pink skies.

Entranced by flames burned
A new beginning is here
Embers still glow bright

Clever little notes
tied into syllable counts
What a bowl of plums

GCC is right
They make me feel so good, light
I love to learn right

The first missing tooth
to a bashful six year old
confers fresh prestige.

food, water, diesel, none
after Maria

Eating an apple
Oh, how delicious it is
mm… yum my yum yum

He was the love of my life
A baby so sweet
With wings and halo to match

Marilyn Hartmann
Got strong personality
Still, a nice lady

Home is the hallway
to the balcony above.
Those silver birches

The green pine tree’s climb
Breathless against the dusks winds
Serene, cold, all air

Winter is coming
Anticipation rises-
Snow thunder booming!

dissecting peppers
bitter skin pulled from sweet flesh
bodies wrapped in sheets

Too fat to have sex
panda goes on a diet
no more bamboo shoots

There’s nothing in me
you haven’t touched and still I
forget your fingers.

Sponge bath today, change
My pants, breathe to clear the lungs

I was feeling so
Inspired to write this thing
I love chicken nugs

I don’t really know
What I should write down right now
So I’ll just write this

The leaves have changed from
green to red, but it’s far too warm
Is this New England fall?

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