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Greenfield Community College is located in the beautiful and historic Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, between the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and the fertile farmland of the Connecticut River watershed. GCC is the smallest of the 15 community colleges in the Massachusetts higher education system, known for the caring and supportive attitude of the faculty and staff, academic excellence, and for the broad support it enjoys from the surrounding community.

We are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and we work closely with bachelor degree granting colleges of the Massachusetts public higher education system, including the University of Massachusetts, and with private colleges and universities, which enables us to offer diverse transfer opportunities to our students.

The career programs offered by the College prepare our students to enter the work force or update their skills, while credit-free workshops and seminars are offered for personal enrichment.

Day, evening and weekend classes are offered so that students who need a flexible academic schedule can be served.

Today, the annual fall enrollment of the College exceeds 3,000 students.

Institutional Statement on Inclusion

As an inclusive community, Greenfield Community College engages in intentional and ongoing reflection of diversity as we seek to create a culture that values, encourages, and embraces a wide range of individual and group differences.

Resolution of GCC Assembly, passed on December 7, 2009

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  • Amy Moscaritolo (Chair)
  • Carrie Hale
  • Robert Cohn
  • Anthony Reiber
  • Teresa Jones
  • Cynthia Snow
  • Linda Melconian
  • Dawn Josefski
  • Anna Berry
  • Hawa Tarawally
  • Leigh Rae
  • Ashli Stempel
  • Patricia Marshall


Items in bold indicate full meeting of the search committee and/or Board of Trustees

December 13 & 14 Search consultant conducts pre-search study; first search committee meeting
December 15 - January 8 Search consultant prepares Challenges, Opportunities, and Qualifications section of the Executive Search Profile; College’s PR staff prepares section of the profile that describes the College and the region; search committee edits profile; Board and Commissioner approve profile; search consultant recommends advertisement strategy, and timeline
January 15, 2018 Advertisements online and in print; profile posted to www.gcc.mass.edu and www.rhperry.com
January 15 -February 26, 2018 Search consultant implements general and targeted recruitment strategy, including nominations and diversity outreach. Search consultant recruits candidates; uploads candidate files to CRC. Applications due February 26, 2018
February 19 - March 7, 2018 Search committee receives access to CRC; reviews candidate materials and evaluates candidates; scores due to search consultant by March 7, 2018
March 8 - 23, 2018 Search consultant conducts interviews of and checks references of top candidates; candidate files are updated on CRC
March 26, 2018 Search consultant presents candidate pool to search committee; search committee selects semi-finalists; Board & Commissioner review
April 4 & 5, 2018 Search committee conducts semi-finalist interviews in person at off-site location; committee selects finalists
April 23 - May 2, 2018 Finalists interview with Board, College and community constituents, and Commissioner of Higher Education; Board votes on finalists and recommends presidential appointment to Commissioner; BHE votes on appointment
By July 1, 2018 President assumes office


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