Educating The Whole Student: Why GCC Graduates Are In High Demand

Unfortunately, I recently had to spend a few days at Baystate Franklin Medical Center. I now have an even better understanding of our good fortune to have a hospital in our community and of the privilege of having access to affordable antibiotics. I was most appreciative of the quality care I received from ALL at Franklin but none more so than the nurses, from the Emergency Department to my room in spoke 4, and especially our GCC nurses. Ok, yes I admit to my biases. I love all of our graduates and so I might be a tad predisposed to experiencing them in a favorable light. But the truth is that they are that good.

I remember telling one GCC/Franklin nurse that her competence created confidence in me as a patient. We all know when we are dealing with a competent professional. Regardless of the profession, when we are in the midst of quality and competence our confidence grows. Whether talking with a physician or with a plumber we feel more confident when we experience their competence. That is a characteristic of the GCC/Franklin nurse.

Beyond the critical skills specific to nursing, each GCC/Franklin nurse demonstrated a skill and knowledge base that broadened and deepened the competence. I experienced their ability to communicate effectively, to think critically, to respond to problems with innovation, to work effectively in a team, to reason with both a quantitative and qualitative eye and most important, the demonstrated ability to learn. It is in short the education of the whole nurse that distinguishes them. That was the foundation of the competence and that was the basis of my confidence.

And here is more good news; ALL GCC STUDENTS, regardless of their program or major are empowered by the same core education. That is the foundation for the success of our graduates. That is also the skill set and knowledge base that employers tell us they most look for when recruiting new employees. GCC graduates are in high demand as bankers, police officers, teachers, fire fighters, artists, manufacturers, paramedics, certified nursing assistants, entrepreneurs, scientists, environmentalists, lawyers, researchers, journalists, accountants, engineers, managers, farmers and nurses because of our faculty and staffs’ collective commitment to that liberal educational core. From workforce preparation to the student transferring to a college down the road, GCC graduates are sought after and are successful because they have the skills and the knowledge that creates the competence that leads to ones confidence.

At GCC, we respect and learn from the past, work with community partners to support and strengthen the present and we empower our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to build a better future. All of which would not be possible without you. You open the doors for all who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Thank you for all that you do to make GCC this community’s college.

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