Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College
Greenfield Community College strives to help all employees to continually enhance and improve in their work in support of the College mission—Teaching and Learning Together. This website has resources to help improve teaching, create opportunities for student learning, and foster conversations about teaching and learning within our educational community.

By sharing resources, selected articles, and expertise, we strive to create a culture of critical thinking, encourage academic exploration, and improve instruction. Our goal is to respond to the changing needs of our students by using educational strategies that incorporate not only classroom interaction, but also experiences from beyond classroom and campus boundaries.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the resources provided here to bring a higher level of understanding, deeper reflection, and a renewed purpose to their efforts as they work to help their students become responsible citizens of the increasingly complex and interrelated world. Topics considered include: assessment and outcomes, student development, professional development opportunities, teaching tips, rubrics, information literacy, and learning communities.

Please visit often as new information is continually added to the site.

If there are topics you would like to see added to the Teaching and Learning site or if you have resources to share, please contact Lisa Sheldon,