Making Video Lectures for Your Flipped Classroom

Making video Lectures

If you are contemplating the move toward a “Flipped Classroom” you are likely to need are a series of recorded lectures. Creating these lectures can seem like a daunting proposition! Being in front of the camera can leave even the most experienced instructors feeling a little nervous.  But, there is no need to be! Some forethought and planning can ensure that your videos are professional, useful and communicate both your subject knowledge and passion for teaching.

Review resources available from the GCC Educational Technology Department. These technology professionals  can help you create video lectures right in the TV studio—they do the camera work and editing. Even if you decide to create your own videos, you might use Garry, Karen and Fraser as a sounding board for your ideas.

Best Practices for Your Videos

When creating your videos for an online environment it’s good practice to observe the following rules:

  • Write a script before recording your video to make it sound more professional (also helps you avoid ‘uh’ and ‘ah’ sounds).
  • Engage viewers, give them things to do throughout the video.
  • Keep your videos short! (two to five minutes is ideal).
  • Many of the same lecture “rules” you use in class apply here—speak clearly, think about how slides might help reinforce your message, and then relax and be yourself.

Getting Started

The resources here are just to give you an idea about how to get started with video lectures, not all of the resources listed on these pages exist at GCC, or are accessed in the same way.

Helpful do’s and Don’ts for online lectures from Towson University is a helpful for getting started thinking about your lectures, your message and your own style.

10 Ways to make Lectures More Dynamic. These tips can be used for both the online and traditional classroom environment

Maybe you want to look for a guest lecture. Explore the immense resources at this site to find materials that can easily be used in your online class.