Ask the GCC Experts

Becoming an expert is about practice and concentrated effort, but it is also about knowing when to rely on those who are already experts in their field. When questions and problems arise, it is helpful to go to those who are in the best position to share their knowledge and experience.

As instructors and staff who work with students in many different capacities, we know to expect the unexpected. There are often unforeseen challenges and surprises that can leave us uncertain how to proceed. Asking for help can lead to greater understanding and the opportunity to fill knowledge gaps. It can also free you up to concentrate on other areas of your work.

As we start the spring semester at GCC, think about ways to capitalize on the expertise of the GCC community to strengthen your work with students. Resources available to offer advice, a second opinion or a fresh perspective abound. It is through this sharing with colleagues that we can hone our own skills and advance our personal expertise.

Some places to turn for help with:

Your New Semester Checklist

Research Papers: Consult the GCC Library website and staff about resources for student research tools and how to advance student skills.

Snow Days: It is winter and there is always the potential for inclement weather: See if class is cancelled! Call 413-775-1010.

Confirming Your Course Roster: For more information about the process, read Confirming Roster Process

Advising: The staff at the Academic Advising Office can help students think about the next steps in their college career and transfer options. Career counseling is available! Additionally, degree audits and checklists are available here.

Proctoring an Exam: The GCC Testing Center is available to help with makeup exams and proctoring exams.

Classroom Projector and Technology: Educational Technology is your one stop for classroom technology, studio services and more. Garry, Karen and Fraser are a quick phone call away at 775-1842. Consult their website for more information.

Classroom Supplies: Each division at the college has a hard-working administrative assistant who can help with dry erase markers and all the things that make teaching easier.

Pay Stubs: The Human Resources department can help you with pay stubs, health insurance questions, benefits and policies. Contact them at:; 413-775-1313.

Making Copies: Using Central Services for your copying needs can save you time and the college money.

Moodle: FITS offers one-on-one assistance setting up your course and answering questions. Email them at These faculty are experts with moodle and can provide advice, insights and support. While creating a moodle site for a face-to-face class can seem daunting, in the long run it can save you time and provide a resource depot for your students.

Moodle resources for faculty:

Moodle Resources for students:

Syllabus: The Teaching and Learning site has ideas about what to include in your syllabus and why. Use the search tool at the T & L site to look for GCC-specific resources and information.

Academic Support for Students: The Peer Tutoring staff is willing to come to your class and describe their services and how students can make appointments for help.

Professional Development Opportunities and Conferences: Consult the calendar for more information on conferences and activities that can enhance your work with students.