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Greenfield Community College

Adjunct Faculty Resources

Being an adjunct at GCC comes with opportunities for professional development, but there are also many other ways to build and enhance your skills. While primarily intended for those in psychology,  the American Psychological Association for Manual for Adjuncts provides ideas about course administration, policies and other helpful information. The checklist at the back can help you make sure you are on track for a successful semester.

For questions specific to being an adjunct at GCC, click here.

At GCC and other institutions, adjuncts play a critical role in student success by being strong teachers. Read this uplifting article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, Ad­juncts Are Bet­ter Teachers Than Tenured Professors, Study Finds.

If you are new to teaching at the college level, consider the sage advice offered in this Faculty Focus article, Advice for New Faculty: Six Lessons from the Front Lines.