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Classroom Technology and Social Media in Education

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Using Social Media in the Classroom

  • Center for social media provides codes of best practice and fair use.
  • Facebook answers some basic questions about use of facebook by educators.
  • The article100 ways you should be using facebook in the classroom provides concrete strategies to use facebook with all types of classes.
  • Facebook and Education_  This article suggests ways to use FB in teacher education courses, and may be useful for other classes.
  • 10 Beneficial Facebook Pages for Educators Identifies useful resources for educators on FB.
  •  Using Facebook in the classroom.  This site connect to several resources as well as You Tube videos to demonstrate  how to use FB in the classroom
  • Students want social media in schools Graphic representation of how students hope social media will promote their learning in schools, primarily K-12 focused, but presents interesting data.
  • Students push FB use in their classes.  Chronicle of Higher Education article, October 2011.
  • Two recent free Learning Management Systems [LMS] that encourage and permit interface with social media are CourseKit . Both encourage social interaction between students and between students and professors.  CourseKit has already been tested by many colleges and universities and had several articles in higher education.
  • A compilation of the 10 Most-Popular Wired Campus Articles of 2011.
  • What are the qualities of a social media expert?  See the article, 8 Qualities of a Social Media Expert. 
  • Center for Democracy and Technology  The Center  is a non-profit public interest organization working to keep the Internet open, innovative, and free. It follow legal cases and issues impacting teachers in classrooms in addition to other technology issues.

Educational Technology Center (ETC) at GCC

The specific focus of the Center’s activities is to train faculty in developing and incorporating technology in the learning environment. They are available to help faculty with classroom technology needs, TV studio capabilities for recording lectures, and much more. Visit the Educational Technology Center website to learn more.