Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

First Day Activities

Nothing sets the stage for the semester like the first day of class! There is so much to cover in addition to course policies and the syllabus. Use the first class meeting to introduce yourself, get to know your students and outline what students will be learning in the coming weeks.  Start with some good advice about the first day!

Get ideas for the first day of class from Carnegie Mellon about the first day. This is you opportunity to make an impression on students and create a sense of trust and belonging among students that will endure for weeks to come. Review the five things you should do on the first day.

Meeting your students is an important part of the process, with so many icebreakers, there is no need to stick with the same old introductions. Simple introduction can be make more fun with a bag of ice breaker questions. Be sure to take time to tell your students about your own interests and what excites you about the course and the content.

Set some goals or adopt these commonsense ideas and sample lesson plan for the first day.