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Students may be uncertain how best to communicate with their colleagues and their instructor in an online class–from emailing to posting in discussions, students often need additional information. It is the faculty‚Äôs responsibility to set the ground rules about communication and the tone of the learning community. While there are many opinions about communication style and the use of specific language, most faculty can agree that they want to promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance where multiple voices can be heard and all students are encouraged to share their ideas.

This document on EMAIL ETIQUETTE explains to students how to create a professional email that is not only appropriate for college interactions, but is also helpful for students in the work world.

Click on the image for some ideas about Netiquette: the Social Code of Online Students and how to promote civility and communication among students.

Here is just one set of “rules” for posting in an online class. Edit the list to fit your course needs. How to communicate and participate in online classes. The University of Pittsburgh provides advanced tips on netiquette for students.