Great Student Expectations: A Guide for Faculty

Students come to courses with certain baseline expectations of faculty. Chief among these according to Blue Ridge Community College are: Providing opportunities to learn Acting with professionalism Grading fairly and returning work promptly Being accessible to students Communicating in a timely and professional manner At the community college level, we must also be respectful of […]

Embrace Civility in the Classroom

Teaching is a demanding task. Challenges arise at every turn, which makes it an engaging and dynamic occupation. In addition to worrying about content and learning in our classrooms, we also need to be concerned with classroom dynamics and the erosion of civility. When it comes to promoting classroom etiquette and respect, instructors need to […]

Working with Student Veterans: Moving toward Success!

It is not just military service that sets student veterans apart from their classmates. According to a 2013 American Council on Education report, they are often the first members of their family to attend college and are often about a decade older than other students. They tend to study harder and are driven to succeed, […]

The New, Nonlinear Path Through College

The article entitled The New, Nonlinear Path Through College, provides us with a gentle reminder that many GCC students have tried or will try other educational opportunities. The path to a college degree is not as clear and simple as it once was—students have many choices and they often struggle to find the right fit. […]

Moodle, FITS & Distance Education

Sites for faculty to bookmark Moodle: How to course for Faculty for online discussion with colleagues FITS FAQ site Resource Site for students, faculty and staff Help Desk Portal to ask technology related questions   Read the latest newsletters here: Moodle Moodle_Newsletter October 2013 Moodle Newsletter September 2013 Moodle Newsletter July and August 2013 Moodle […]