The Precious First Day of Class

by Lisa Sheldon
August 27, 2015

Much has been written about the first day of class and its power set the tone for an entire semester. The potential of this day is both mythic and magical. The first feelings we create about our course, ourselves and the classroom community leaves a deep impression on students. Faculty performance on the first day […]

Embrace Civility in the Classroom

by Lisa Sheldon
February 18, 2015

Teaching is a demanding task. Challenges arise at every turn, which makes it an engaging and dynamic occupation. In addition to worrying about content and learning in our classrooms, we also need to be concerned with classroom dynamics and the erosion of civility. When it comes to promoting classroom etiquette and respect, instructors need to […]

Fall Semester at GCC: Welcome back!

by Lisa Sheldon
August 18, 2014
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As we start making plans for our classes and our students, we have to admire how much has changed in a few short months. During the summer GCC has been thriving, growing and moving in exciting directions. The commitment to students, staff, faculty and the community remains strong, but the tools that allow us to […]

Spring Semester: Let’s Get Started!

by Lisa Sheldon
January 14, 2014

What an electrifying time of year— a new year and the start of a new semester! The next two weeks are sure to be filled with excitement and questions. Don’t worry! There are many resources to help you be successful in the classroom, with your advisees and colleagues. Maybe you are teaching a new course […]