End of Semester Grading Blues

by Lisa Sheldon
May 16, 2015

You have probably heard them all before: “Isn’t there some way I can pass the class?” “Maybe you could give me an incomplete?” “I’ll lose my financial aid if you fail me.” “But, I worked real hard.” Toward the end of the semester, faculty receive frenzied emails about grades from students looking for a loophole […]

In Praise of Encouragement

by Lisa Sheldon
December 10, 2014

There is a fundamental difference between praise and encouragement. This is a distinction to keep in mind as we wrap up the semester and provide students with feedback on their learning. We want our students to reflect on their learning in ways that move them toward their next goal—we need to do that, too. We […]

Facing Mid-semester Doldrums with new Ideas

by Lisa Sheldon
October 31, 2014
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At the mid-semester point, we can start to see and feel fatigue setting in for both our students and ourselves. Finding that spark of creativity and enthusiasm can bring our classes to life and give us the energy to finish the semester as strong as we began. It can be as simple as new discussion […]

Increasing Motivation: Let’s Go!

by Lisa Sheldon
March 28, 2014
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It has been a long winter—the cold and dark days affect motivation and commitment to academics. This is true for students and if we are honest, it is true for faculty and staff. At midpoint of the spring semester, there is a certain level of fatigue that needs to be addressed. First, let’s tackle students: […]

Creating a Classroom Community

by admin
June 20, 2013
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How we communicate and talk with students helps to establish the tone of our classroom community. This article from the NEA, Seven Ways to Talk with Your Students, can help improve how you talk with students and the messages you send about not only your course, but also the process of learning and being a […]