Building Your Online Class

Pedagogy for Online Instruction Online learning is a significantly different experience for both students and instructors. It is not a simple transfer of content and classroom activities to the virtual world. Instructors must consider how students will navigate content and engage with the learning process when that process is removed from its traditional setting. According […]

Approaches to Teaching

There is no single approach to teaching that works best. What we do in the classroom depends on who we are, who our students are, what we are teaching, and many other factors. There are some guiding principles that can help use to create the condition that support and promote learning.   Looking at this […]

Communication and Writing Resources

Using Motivational Interviewing to Communicate with Students Teachers and advisors who use motivational interviewing (MI) enhance their listening and problem-solving skills to become more effective communicators and create better rapport with students. MI has been shown as an effective method for creating dialogue, rapport and ultimately helping to motivate students. Following specific techniques and a […]

Creating a Classroom Community

How we communicate and talk with students helps to establish the tone of our classroom community. This article from the NEA, Seven Ways to Talk with Your Students, can help improve how you talk with students and the messages you send about not only your course, but also the process of learning and being a […]