Make-up exam policies that are fair and flexible

by Lisa Sheldon
March 15, 2016

This time of year, faculty often see a significant increase in the number of students requesting make-up exams and flexibility in due dates. It can be challenging to write and enforce a policy that maintains fairness yet remains flexible for students who run into roadblocks and unexpected situations. For some, this is an ethical dilemma. […]

End of Semester Grading Blues

by Lisa Sheldon
May 16, 2015
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You have probably heard them all before: “Isn’t there some way I can pass the class?” “Maybe you could give me an incomplete?” “I’ll lose my financial aid if you fail me.” “But, I worked real hard.” Toward the end of the semester, faculty receive frenzied emails about grades from students looking for a loophole […]

Working with Student Veterans: Moving toward Success!

by Lisa Sheldon
November 7, 2014

It is not just military service that sets student veterans apart from their classmates. According to a 2013 American Council on Education report, they are often the first members of their family to attend college and are often about a decade older than other students. They tend to study harder and are driven to succeed, […]

Identifying Students who are Struggling and Taking Action

by Lisa Sheldon
February 3, 2014
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In the first few weeks of the semester, we are often preoccupied learning student names, creating course materials and getting back into the swing of a busy teaching schedule. This is also a time to be on the lookout for students who might struggle in your course. Some of the early signs are: Falling asleep […]

Creating a Rubric: The why and how…

by Lisa Sheldon
November 18, 2013
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Creating an effective rubric can seem daunting, but is well worth the effort and will save time grading. Grading rubrics are valuable tools for both instructors and students not only for grading purposes, but also as a tool to communicate expectations about skills and information mastery. Sharing student learning goals and how these will be […]

Test Anxiety and Study Skills

by Lisa Sheldon
July 31, 2013
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Test anxiety is a debilitating condition that creates self-doubt, worry, and an inability to focus which affects performance and grades. Personality type, coping mechanisms and meta-cognitive processes influence test anxiety development and intensity–learn more about test anxiety How much do you know about Test anxiety quiz (look in the conference presentation for the answers to […]

Targeted Populations

by admin
June 20, 2013

Our classrooms are more diverse than ever and as instructors and staff we need to respond to the needs of all students through our teaching approaches, the creation of strong community of learners and the availability of resources to make learning available to all. Josephine Scott offers some ideas for meeting the needs of diverse […]