Working with Student Veterans: Moving toward Success!

It is not just military service that sets student veterans apart from their classmates. According to a 2013 American Council on Education report, they are often the first members of their family to attend college and are often about a decade older than other students. They tend to study harder and are driven to succeed, […]

Test Anxiety and Study Skills

Test anxiety is a debilitating condition that creates self-doubt, worry, and an inability to focus which affects performance and grades. Personality type, coping mechanisms and meta-cognitive processes influence test anxiety development and intensity–learn more about test anxiety How much do you know about Test anxiety quiz (look in the conference presentation for the answers to […]

Targeted Populations

Our classrooms are more diverse than ever and as instructors and staff we need to respond to the needs of all students through our teaching approaches, the creation of strong community of learners and the availability of resources to make learning available to all. Josephine Scott offers some ideas for meeting the needs of diverse […]