Promoting Cultural Competency for a Diverse World

by Lisa Sheldon
December 21, 2015

Each day that students spend on the GCC campus prepares them to meet the challenges of our changing world. As faculty, we impart knowledge and content to students, but at the same time we strive to develop critical thinking skills and communication skills that will enable students to navigate our increasingly complex society. One important […]

Writing a Conference Proposal…and getting it accepted!

by Lisa Sheldon
February 19, 2014
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Faculty and staff sometimes do not realize that what they do in their classrooms, advising sessions and programming is unique and worth sharing on a larger stage. Think about how you have developed your craft—it is likely that many of the skills and strategies you employ have been workshop topics at conferences. Presenting and conducting […]

Career Development for Students

by Lisa Sheldon
August 13, 2013
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Learn about resources available from the GCC Connect team to support students on the pathway to employment.  The team works to connect students with local employment and internship opportunities, and can provide valuable assistance to your students in areas such as resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing skills. GCC Connect Nov/Dec 2013 GCC Connect Sept/Oct […]

Critical Thinking Skills

by Lisa Sheldon
July 31, 2013
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Critical thinking involves the application of reasoning and logic to new ideas, information and situations. Good critical thinking skills prepare students for life in the “real” world and allow them to be smart consumers of everything from education to media to health and career decisions. Critical thinking skills are important for the workplace, too. Employers […]

Skills and Empowerment

by admin
June 20, 2013
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Student Development and Safety resources GCC CoCurricular Activities: Seeking input for activities. Make a suggestion for an event that matches your course.  Both the diversity standing committee and student development have funds to bring speakers/panels/workshops to campus. The goal is to align programs with general education abilities and the principles of education to enhance learning that […]