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Test Anxiety and Study Skills

Test anxiety is a debilitating condition that creates self-doubt, worry, and an inability to focus which affects performance and grades. Personality type, coping mechanisms and meta-cognitive processes influence test anxiety development and intensity–learn more about test anxiety How much do you know about Test anxiety quiz (look in the conference presentation for the answers to this quiz).  Instructors can help their students to reduce test anxiety through skill development, desensitization/counter conditioning and self-regulation techniques in the classroom and during testing. This simple inventory can help students decide if test anxiety is an issue that may need additional attention TestAnxietyInventory. Students may benefit from a visit to the GCC Disability and Accessibility Office for help.

MTA 2013 Conference presentation on Text Anxiety: The end of test anxiety

Studying can help to reduce test nervousness and help students feel confident to take on the challenges of an exam. However, many students are unsure of how to study and what specific study strategies might work best for their learning style.In addition to providing ideas about how to study for your specific course and content, these handouts can be helpful for both new and continuing students.

How to study

Tips and tricks for Student Testing Success