Food, Glorious Food!

An event celebrating local food production and distribution systems, featuring art, music, film, speakers, and FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! Co-sponsors: Arts and Activism Program – Congregational Unitarian Society of Bernardston; Food For Change Film Project; Pioneer Valley Institute & Deerfield Valley Art Association. Program is followed by Art Opening Reception at the Historic 1739 Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse.

This events features Steve Alves presenting his work-in-progress film Food For Change, a feature-length documentary about the history of the cooperative movement in the United States and the present role that food co-ops play in the development of local and sustainable food systems. The film is a call to action to expand local economies and a response to large agri-businesses’ and giant grocery chains’ efforts to gain control of the world’s food supply from the gene to the grocery shelf. More information available at

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