Join us at the Pioneer Valley Institute in examining the history, cultures and arts, the geology and natural life, the agricultural and industrial traditions of the Connecticut River Valley. Founded in 1989, PVI is the offshoot of the former Pioneer Valley Studies program at Greenfield Community College.

This educational organization promotes our Valley through workshops, field trips, art exhibits and seminars for people of all ages. Come celebrate this extraordinary region, its growing diversity of cultures, its history and geologic wonders, its artists and craftspeople, its great wealth of natural resources.

The Board of Directors, which meets at noon the first Monday of Sept-Nov and Feb-May, welcomes new members enthusiastic about our Valley and willing to help in program development. The Institute also encourages the opportunity to co-sponsor programs that address issues of environmental, natural and cultural preservation as well. Contact us at 413-775-1671 or by email at pvi@gcc.mass.edu.