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Frequently asked questions / How do I get an official transcript?

In order for us to send out an official transcript we need to know student information (e.g. name, student id) and where to send the transcript. We must also have the written signature of the student. Each student is entitled to one free official transcript from GCC, after that each transcript is $2.00. This is one free per student, not one free per transcript request. When specifying the address for sending the transcript include complete information, including zip code and the office that it should be sent to, not just a street address to ensure timely delivery to the recipient.

Example: Univ of XYZ; Admissions Office; 100 main St., Anytown, MA 01301.

We request three days lead time for transcripts. Generally they go out sooner but during busy times in the office it may be up to three days from when the request arrives in our office to when it goes out. When considering a recipient’s deadline keep the three days plus mailing time in mind to make sure that you submit your request in time to meet any deadline.

A transcript request form is available from our forms page. The form can be submitted via mail, fax or may be scanned and emailed to The mailing address and fax number are available on the same web page as the transcript request form.

Official transcripts can only be mailed to recipients, they cannot be faxed.