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Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency

Degree & certificate programs and non-credit classes in green building at GCC

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Posted on Tuesday July 23rd 2013

We have a great lineup of renewable energy and energy efficiency classes for fall 2013! Anyone interested in building energy, from auditing to management, should consider SCI 132 Home Heating and Cooling, a technical course offered at the Franklin County Technical School HVAC shop! This course provides hands-on essential knowledge for anyone in the RE/EE field, not to mention real estate and home construction. Our photovoltaic track starts with SCI 112 Fundamentals of Electricity and SCI 121 Intro to PV Technology. Tom Benjamin returns with SCI 125 Sustainable Landscape Design which is now a hybrid course with about 60% of the content delivered online. (There will be some class sessions and field trips are required … and really fun!)  Core classes in sustainable energy and residential energy continue, of course. Check us out at is open to all students through August 2013.

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