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Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency

Degree & certificate programs and non-credit classes in green building at GCC


Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency  (RE/EE) is a term used for a rapidly growing industry tackling the challenge of energy use and its impact in the built and living environment. Renewable Energy refers to energy sources that cannot be depleted such as solar energy to heat water and buildings, and solar, wind and hydropower to make electricity. Energy Efficiency means reducing energy use and minimizing energy waste – a first step in managing our energy use wisely.

The RE/EE program offers a wide range of courses that will give you the knowledge and skills needed for entry level employment opportunities in the growing RE/EE field. If you are already employed in the trades, you’ll learn news skills in your specialty, such as retrofitting for building contractors or photovoltaics for electricians. If you plan to pursue a higher degree, such as architecture or landscape design, for example, these courses will prepare you well for transferring to a larger institution. Interested home or business owners can learn more about do-it-yourself opportunities.

The RE/EE program has been designed to address the needs of a variety of people and the diversity of students taking the courses creates a dynamic learning environment offering many opportunities for networking.

Students need not be enrolled in a degree or certificate program at GCC to participate in our RE/EE classes, although registration opens first to current students.

Who takes these classes?

Contractors, electricians or plumbers wanting specific hands-on training. General liberal arts students looking for inspiring one to four credit electives. Anyone contemplating a career in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The renewable energy and energy efficiency classes attract a creative mix of interested GCC students, community members, trades people and workers looking for education and training. We are starting to post bio’s on some of our students. Go to the “about” tab above and scroll down the menu to find that page.

For the trades

For students already employed in the trades, classes in the RE/EE program offer professional development and skill enhancement relevant to specific renewable energy/energy efficiency technologies, as well as broader understanding of the scientific, economic and political context of the industry.

For students pursuing a four year degree

Our classes provide all students with knowledge and skills needed for continued learning and education in the renewable energy/energy efficiency field, including the option to transfer into an associate’s degree or four-year programs.

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