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Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency

Degree & certificate programs and non-credit classes in green building at GCC

Enroll in a program

If you are a new student and are interested in enrolling in either the Certificate in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency program or the Associates Degree with Option in Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency then your next step is to contact the admissions office at http://www.gcc.mass.edu/admission/. You can also complete an admissions form online. The admissions office will discuss testing and transcripts with you, will enroll you in the program and direct you to the advising office where someone will help you register for your first semester of classes. After this initial registration, you will be assigned an advisor in the program who will help you chart your course for the next few semesters and who will make sure you know what courses you must take to graduate.

Financial Aid: Any student enrolled in a GCC program and taking 3 or more credits may apply for financial aid. If you think you are eligible for Financial Aid,  you can contact the Financial Aid office at: http://www.gcc.mass.edu/financial_aid/

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