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Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency

Degree & certificate programs and non-credit classes in green building at GCC

Student Profiles

Meghan Boland: Committed to developing a deeper understanding of renewable energy, and emerging progress in the field led me to enrollment in Greenfield Community College. Through the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency certificate program I explored various energy concepts, participated in a unique selection of courses and managed a demanding work schedule.

The program provided knowledge of energy fundamentals and addressed the prospects of a transitioning energy economy. I acquired strategies to analyze personal energy habits, tools to calculate building performance and gained exposure to industry practices. Professors were accessible, provided unique insight and proved effective in prioritizing practical application of information.

Outside the classroom I interned with a local business owner, participated in community efficiency efforts, toured power plants, and visited a number of local homes. Classmates contributed to the value of the experience by offering diverse expertise and opinions. By investing in Renewable Energy /Energy Efficiency I developed workforce experience, valuable skills and have become an ideal candidate for various employment opportunities.

I would endorse the Renewable Energy program at Greenfield Community College with complete confidence to anyone interested in pursuing an education in this field. I am enormously grateful to have studied and worked with such a professional, enthusiastic, inspiring group of individuals and I am optimistic at my job prospects. The GCC program has provided me with the necessary skills, tools and confidence to seek employment in my preferred profession.

Petra Schweitzer: Translation is both my profession and my passion. A German native who has lived in beautiful Massachusetts for more than a dozen years, I enjoy helping businesses understand their target markets abroad and finding just the right words to get their messages across in a foreign culture. I am particularly excited about working with businesses in the environmental sector – in renewable energies, sustainability and energy efficiency.

 One of the greatest joys of my profession is the diverse nature of my projects – aside from the basic knowledge we translators need to possess in our fields, there is always a great deal of research and investigation that goes into any given project. I love figuring out details and the workings of things, the interconnectedness of systems – and then putting it all together in an intelligent and accurate translation.

 Specializing in the quickly advancing and constantly changing field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, I know that keeping up to date with research and development is a key component to an accurate, high-quality translation. This is why I am constantly enrolled in at least one class relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency or sustainability  in GCC’s Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency program. The experience and knowledge I gain in these classes and the personal connections I am making there have been invaluable to my professional life and work.


Jonathan Walsh: Since graduating in June of last year I worked full time for Northeast Biodiesel as Project Coordinator and have recently taken a job at Stiebel Eltron. I finally have a solid career in renewable energy and just wanted to let you know it worked out for me. Thanks for everything!

Junio Anthes-Moody is currently an energy auditor for Next Step Living and performs audits throughout Western Massachusetts. He also is working on retrofitting his own home in Brattleboro, Vermont where he chaired the Solid Waste Committee, and volunteers in the Community Organic Waste compost program.


Andrew Cunningham – NorthEast Solar Design Associates LLC

Andrew learned of the RE/EE program through a recent graduate and was very pleased with the quality of education at GCC.  Professors Richard Gottlieb and Peter Talmage provided a great blend of technical expertise and inspiration. Andrew focused on solar energy and successfully passed the NABCEP entry-level test administered by GCC.

Andrew currently works for Northeast Solar as a design consultant. After gaining on-roof experience with installations, he is now doing solar site evaluations, designing PV arrays, and setting up monitoring systems. Northeast Solar is based in Hatfield, MA and provides photovoltaic and solar thermal installations in the Pioneer Valley. Many of the company’s employees are graduates of the GCC program.

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